About Us

Why Bored Bits exists today


Bored Bits was created by discovering a major problem most models face…


As a model, here is your reality:


  • You are spending most days a week on creating and developing content, not only for your Exclusive Content platform, but for your other socials too.
  • You are spending as much time with friends and family as you can.
  • You are trying to think of new ways to grow your following but are already overloaded with your other responsibilities.
  • You are spending 1-2 hours a day trying to chat with your subscribers actively, and doing good with it. 

Let’s face it: it’s hard to sustain this amount of work. Your job should be to focus on making great content that your subs and new fans love. 


Bored Bits was created for 2 reasons: To save you time and energy and to generate you more money every month. We have a veteran team of chatters with years of experience. They know how to generate more daily sales. all while NOT RUINING YOUR REPUTATION.


There are so many models that are forced to sell extreme content for $5, but Bored Bits focuses on a “Relationship First” approach, giving us the advantage of treating your spenders with the attention and appreciation they deserve. 


We aim to create long-term value for you and your page. 


In addition, we focus on driving new growth to your page and utilize several different marketing and growth strategies to do this on your behalf.


All you have to do is send us content, tell us about yourself, and be available for any questions that arise while our team handles the rest.


Unlike other agencies, we only partner with a limited number of models so that our founders can give individualized attention to you.